My RocketSusan Bankauf has been instructing dog training classes for over 22 years. She started teaching at a local dog obedience club and there learned to teach people to teach their dogs and control bad behaviors. After five years of both pet and competition obedience instructing Susan was introduced to the sport of dog agility. She started training and competing in this exciting new sport with her Chinese Shar-pei, Hope. Instructing and judging agility (AKC and later UKI) soon followed. Her understanding of behavior and training give her the ability to coach each agility team to be their best.

Along with Hope her first agility dog she has competed with Rocket, Blast and Mars, all border collies and her newest partner, Phaser, a papillon. she has qualified for and participated in many AKC and USDAA National Championships and World Team tryouts. Susan can be seen at many local shows competing with her border collie Mars and papillon Phaser.

Sybil Carroll has been helping dogs and their people connect for fifteen years. A lifetime equestrian, she often incorporates training strategies from the horse world to bring balance, structure, and joy to her canine clients. Her passion for agility began over ten years ago with a boxer named “Capone.” This wonderful dog challenged and inspired her, and she has been hooked on the sport ever since. She enjoys teaching agility because there are so many opportunities to train creatively and set dogs up for success. Her classes balance fun and games with control and attention in a way that both dog and handler find reinforcing. Capone has since retired and has happily filled the roll of demo dog and best friend.

Keep an eye out for up and comer “Flex” the Corgi competing in AKC and USDAA. Off the competitive agility course, Sybil’s dogs have been seen on Bravo’s Project Runway, the runways of New York’s fashion week and have worked with such national campaigns as Target, Neiman Marcus, Whole Meals, and PetSmart.

Lisa Christman has been involved in the world of dogs since the age of 10 when she received her first puppy. By age 12, shw was walking and “training” all the neighborhood dogs…at 15, she enrolled her family’s German Shorthaired Pointer in obedience class at the local YMCA and from that day on was hooked on training dogs and learning what made them tick.

In her 20’s she began training and competing in Obedience with her Shetland Sheepdog, earning titles in the US, Canada and Bermuda. After a small break to raise children and open a business, she once again pursued the Obedience world but this time with a Dalmation named Murphy that she rescued from the Humane Society and a Border Collie (mix) from a rescue……during this time she discovered the wonderful world of agility and has never looked back!

She has trained and handled many different breeds (her own dogs and her client’s) and has reached the highest level in the canine sport of agility, earning a Master Agility Championship title (MACH) on 3 different breeds. Many of her students have also gone on to earn this title with their first dog.

However, she never lost her love of training in obedience, tricks, therapy and pet dog training and has built a successful career teaching group classes and private lessons for the pet dog owner.

In her spare time she works as the Lead Dog Trainer and Handler for an animal talent agency, All Creatures Great & Small and has trained many of the dogs you see on commercials and in print ads today! Her own students are often picked for these roles!

Lisa is also very involved with and very passionate about the world of canine rescue and has fostered & re-homed many, many dogs over the years. You will often see her in class and at the shows with her current “foster child”.

She has been a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) since 2000 through the present, and continues to take annual continuing education classes to update her training skills. She is Well versed in many training techniques and with her background and training she can evaluate what a dog needs and use the appropriate methods for each individual dog, because each dog is an individual.

Lisa has studied under many of the world’s leading trainers, Suzanne Clothier, Ian Dunbar, Patricia McConnell and Pia Silvani to name a few whose books are widely read.

With Lisa’s passion for agility, in 2001 she became a founding member of the Jersey Agility Group (JAG) and continues to be very active both as a member and as an instructor for the club. She had also been an active member of the Bayshore Companion Dog Club since 1987 and began teaching classes for them in 1997, these classes include Puppy Kindergarten, Beginner Obedience, Canine Good Citizen, and all levels of agility training.

Sally Gichner is one of the most experienced trainers and competitors in the Southern New Jersey area. She has been teaching all levels of agility for over 15 years.

Sally has worked with a large variety of dog breeds, including terriers, hounds and mixed breeds. She spends time figuring out how your dog will best learn and enjoy the sport of agility. Sally is also an AKC agility judge. This has given her great insight into training dogs to be able to learn the skills needed to excel in competition.

Sally currently competes with a Border Collie, Hank, who is a very consistent qualifier and often places in the competitive 20″ class in AKC. Hank already has his AKC agility trial championship. Hank has shown that he can compete in other venues as well. He has obtained champion status in both USDAA and UKI. Over the last several years, Hank has earned byes to National events.

Sally has also competed with Belgian Malinois and Shetland Sheepdogs. Past accomplishments include:

    • Nova (Shetland Sheepdog) achieved agility championship titles in AKC (MACH5 & PACH) and USDAA (ADCh) and she was third at the AKC National Agility Championship in 2012. The USDAA title requires that the dog be able to perform in a variety of agility games that include distance, technical skills and the ability of the handler to plan a course that is better than the competition.
    • Bridget (Shetland Sheepdog) has achieved agility championship titles in AKC (MACH2) and USDAA (ADCh) and has tried out twice for the World Team, placed at USDAA Regional Finals in Steeplechase and Grand Prix in 2011.

Lynda Hammond has been training and competing with dogs in Obedience, Schutzhund and Agility since 1995. She began to focus on agility in 1999 and has been coaching agility teams since 2003.

Lynda identifies what motivates each individual team together and creates training plans that utilize these strengths while making them successful teammates with a common goal. She brings attention to detail and technical analysis to her agility instruction. She teaches beginners through masters levels of handling, and is known for her willingness and expertise in working with non-traditional agility breeds. Some of her successful students include Great Danes, Akitas and Weimeraners.

Lynda’s current agility partner is Porsche (Top Gun’s Hang On And Enjoy The Ride AX, AXJ, OF, AD) a 2 year old Border Collie who began her career in AKC and USDAA in late 2011.

Lynda’s former agility partners included:

  • MACH2 Spree, an Australian Shepherd (2004-2012) and Dobermans:
  • Pepper (rescue 1996-2004) MX, MXJ, AD;
  • Indy (1999-2006) MX, MXJ MAD, GM, RM;
  • Rodney (rescue 2003-2011) CGC, and
  • Spicy (2005-2010) MX, MXJ, AAD.Lynda relocated to the east coast from the state of Washington in 2004. She can be reached at LyndainWA@yahoo.comLynda is currently an instructor for SICDTC in Staten Island, New York, and Jersey Agility Group in Wall, NJ.

Debbie Lazaro has been training dogs since 1990. She first began showing in obedience and then started agility in 1997. Throughout the years, she has had a number of great canine partners. All of these special dogs were different, and taught her invaluable lessons, both on and off the course. Debbie has been known to work successfully with many difficult and reactive dogs, enabling the teams to reach their potential. She takes a behavioral and relationship approach to all her training.

All of her dogs have competed at the highest level in their venue – USDAA, AKC , UKI, NADAC and UKC. She has been a finalist/semi-finalist and placed in numerous national and regional events throughout the years with several dogs in both obedience and agility.

Each of her dogs were different – ranging in size, temperament and drive. However, she was able to bring out the best in these dogs by figuring out what in particular worked for that individual dog. In addition to agility and obedience, Debbie has participated in various dog activities, such as herding, barn-hunt, conformation, Schutzhund, Therapy Dog work, is active in Malinois Rescue and has also consulted with the US Coast Guard. She has recently formed her own rescue group – ECHO- East Coast Herding Dog Rescue Organization, Inc, a not-for-profit group that rescues and rehabilitates herding breed dogs on the east coast.

Debbie stresses the importance of foundation training, training in drive, finding what motivates each particular dog, finding the most efficient path, as well as focusing on details while still maintaining fun for both handler and dog. Her handling is a blended system that incorporates traditional, motion based handling, as well as the European moves.

Carol Mount started training agility in 1992. Carol is an AKC and USDAA Judge that has trained her dogs to hundreds of titles in multiple agility venues, flyball, herding, lure coursing and in obedience. She has written several articles for canine magazines and newsletters including Clean Run and Basenji Bulletin. Carol has been nominated twice for Dog Writers Of America awards and has won the DWAA’s Maxwell Award.

She is currently showing a Chinese Crested, MACH2 Louie-Louie XF AD ONYX at the Championship level. Louie is one of the top ranked Chinese Cresteds in Agility and Flyball. He has attended the AKC National Championships, the AKC Agility Invitationals and has always been ranked in National Crested standings.

Her up and coming dog, a Belgian Malinois, Fusion, is in Excellent and burning up the flyball lanes.

Always ready to work a challenge, Carol has trained and shown multiple “difficult” dogs like her rescue Belgian Malinois MACH “Sega”, Basenji “Strider” AX AXJ CDX AD etc, Rescue Basenji “Ginger” OA OAJ CD etc, a Powderpuff Crested “Theory” NA, and, of course, “LOUIE!” She has also trained a Border Collie “Quest” CD MX MXJ FM, that both she and her husband, Paul, ran. “Peyton” is her husband’s newest Border Collie that she has also helped train in herding. Carol has taken numerous seminars with top trainers over the years like Linda Mecklenburg, Elicia Calhoun, Wendy Pape, Ann Braue, Nancy Gyes, Joan Meyer, Ali Roukas-Canova, Olga Chaiko, Silvia Trkman, Sue Tovino, Jo Fraiser, Ian Fraiser, The Boltons, Guy Blancke. This list is no where near complete — but shows Carol has a wide range of knowledge to complement her work with more difficult dogs. To view more details of Carol’s and her dog’s accomplishments, visit her site at

 Jeri Prekop has been involved in agility since 2000. She has placed multiple MACHs on her Shetland Sheepdogs, She has qualified and competed at the AKC Nationals and USDAA Nationals.and has run in the Finals at these events with both KC and Tag. In 2016, Tag won the Challengers round at the AKC Nationals and came in 2nd place in the Finals. She has competed with KC at the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge. Jeri is currently running 3 dogs — Ticket, Cruise and Ditto.

Jeri likes to analyze courses from a technical point of view and is good at tailoring handling choices based on the individual handler/dog team. Videos of Jeri’s dogs can be seen on Youtube at sjprekop.

Kelly Ely has been training and learning in agility since 2001. Her first Papillon Gidget was a rescue and earned her Novice titles but preferred to be a Therapy dog. Her next rescue Papillon Rocket earned a MACH and was an 8″ All Star Champion. Her current partner, Surf, is just shy of earning MACH 2 and was 61st out of 318 dogs at their first AKC Nationals. She and Surf also compete in UKI, USDAA, and have been to the Westminster Agility Championship twice. Her youngest dog is a 7 month old Border Collie named Tiki. Kelly is also helping a friend by training and running her young Papillon. She has also run a friend’s Boston, large breed mixed dog, and competed at Westminster with a Lowchen. Kelly is a UKI judge.