Class Policies

The JAG Training field is not a Dog park; it is a training field. This clarification is needed since this is a safety and liability issue!

a) ALL DOGS taking classes ARE TO BE ON LEASH or crated if classes are being held unless directed by their instructor to work a skill or running a course.

b) Member’s dogs must be on leash, crated or under control while classes are going on or if other dogs are present at field. Members dogs that are being trained outside of a class should not interfere with classes (e.g. dogs running up to fence or to other dogs/handlers taking class). Member’s dogs should only run off leash if you are the only one at the field or if you are training your dog.

c) Non-Member’s dogs are not allowed to use the field for practice. Non Member Dogs must be on leash, crated or under control while attending classes.

d) Please remember to keep outside gate and catch pen gates closed at the site.

Any issues please contact the Training Chair and Board.


  1. Class Cancellations: For class cancellations, a minimum of 4 hours’ notice prior to the start of class is required. If a class is to be canceled, it is the Instructor’s responsibility to notify the Training Chair(s), to post to the JAG List, and to reach out to students individually.  When notifying the aforementioned of class cancellations, include the following:  Date/Time of class and reason for canceling class.

  2. Classes MUST be canceled under the following conditions: Temperatures that exceed 90 degrees or are below 25 degrees, lightning, or weather conditions that pose a safety risk for using any equipment expected to be used during the lesson. 

Students cannot assume they will get to makeup any missed classes.  It is up to instructor if they can accommodate any makeups in a similar level class.


  1. Dog in season/Dog in Heat (BIH) are allowed in Higher Level agility classes with instructor approval as long as they wear panties, do not perform the table, and do not perform the chute. BIH should be exercised away from the training fields.
  2. Dog in season/Dog in Heat (BIH) are NOT allowed in lower level classes.
  3. The BIH policy applies to dogs TRAINING at the field, even if not in class.

Reasoning behind the policy are:

  • BIH, while not allowed at agility trials, well, that policy is often broken; dogs are just coming in, dogs are just coming out, and some people just don’t pay attention to the rules. So Higher level dogs need to be able to learn to work, no matter what. For owners of BIH, their dogs still need to be trained and learn work also. Its not fair for handlers with intact females for the higher levels to not be able to work dogs if they want to.
  • At the highest levels of agility, E.G. Internationally and world team tryouts, BIH ARE allowed to be shown.
  • For dogs to compete at the highest level, they need to work through distractions
  • However, for lower level classes, we feel the dogs do not have the discipline and obedience to handle a BIH. That combined with handlers that may also not have experience is why BIH are not allowed in lower level classes.

Classes at the field do not pay the field costs. It’s the Full Members who have the responsibility of doing volunteer work that pays for the field and upkeep of equipment.

Thus, class registration priority should be given to Full Members first. Class registration priority will be the following:

  1. Currently registered (in that class) Full Members
  2. Full Members who wish to enter the class
  3. Currently registered (in that class) Associate Members
  4. Associate Members who wish to enter the class
  5. Currently registered (in that class) Non-members
  6. Non-members who wish to enter the class

NOTE: If a class is full with Full Members with a wait-list and some of those Full Members have registered multiple dogs, they will be restricted to one dog. If there are spots for any second dogs after this rule is applied, a lottery system will be used for those slots. Only after this is completed will Associate Members and Non-members (whether currently enrolled or not) be considered. Dogs may register for a class above their current competition level **IF** there is room in the class AND they have instructor approval.

When determining eligibility for a class with a waiting list, registering dogs must be competing at that class’s level regardless of whether owner is Full Member, Associate Member or Non-member.