img_5644Class Schedule

  • Starting May classes are outdoors at our fenced training field and we have great lights!
  • New schedule Jan-Feb Classes 
  • Old schedule Nov-Dec Classes 


  • WEATHER INFO for classes

Check with instructor. Don’t rely on the TV news to decide if there is class or not.  Weather at the shore can be quite different from Philly or NYC.  Sometimes it will rain 5 miles up the road and not at the field.

Please note Class Start date, and all classes, are subject to weather. Outdoor Classes are not held in inclement weather, and when this occurs, class schedules are extended until the class is finished. Some classes may be held in light drizzle.

The Outdoor Training field is located near Routes 18 and the Camp Evans Area.

Photo by Rich Knecht

JAG Instructors are active and current in dog agility. More information about our instructors is available on the Instructors page.





Field Layouts
Wanna know what has been planned for the week?  Check below (usually the files are current).  Diagrams are updated by Training committee.

Member Practice
Besides classes, the training field is available for Member Training (Member Practice) from 7AM – 10PM, every day. This ability to train outside of classes is only available to club members.

Starting Novermber 1st, the JAG Barn in Howell is also available for Member Training, as long as there is not a class scheduled.

Note: If you’ve never taken Agility Class before you should sign up for Beginners.

Call us: Call (732) 927-1524 aka (732) 927-1JAG